The Wyler collection is located in the modern headquarters of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, one of our nation's top 50 Automotive Groups. Our facility is on the east side of Cincinnati in Milford, Ohio, just minutes away from where Jeff Wyler opened his first dealership in Batavia, Ohio in 1973.

Our museum allows visitors to walk backwards in time to how Batavia looked in 1973. The façade of the original Jeff Wyler Chevrolet dealership is built to scale, along with sidewalks, streetlights and other buildings. Comfortable patio furniture reminiscent of the early 1970's can be found on the sidewalks, along with a vintage gas pump and air machine, and more.

The unique classic cars and muscle cars in our collection are thoughtfully displayed in our climate controlled museum. Right next to our collection, you will find our dedicated service bays for maintaining each vehicle, equipped with the most modern tools available. A cutting edge studio is also located in the museum facility, featuring the best lighting equipment available, green screen technology, modified wall and flooring layouts to include "infinity" horizon shots, and more.

A part of the museum facility is dedicated to the Jeff Wyler Toyota Truck racing team, where you can find one of our actual race trucks, along with trophies from our wins, including the trophy from the Daytona truck race.

Inside the façade of our original Jeff Wyler Chevrolet dealership is a large collection of our NASCAR memorabilia, along with a comfortable bar and lounge area. The facility is protected by a high tech security system that ensures all of our unique vehicles are fully protected.